How to Switch ERPNext Environment from Development to Production

  1.  Login with user which used to install ERPNext. On this case I use frappe user. As a note, this user must in Administrator use and have a password.
  2. Open terminal and go to frappe-bench folder.
    cd frappe-bench
  3. Just run
    sudo bench setup production frappe

Install Multiple Bench ERPNext on Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 LTS

For example we want to install 2 bench in ERPNext :

  1. Production Environment
  2. Development Environment

To install production environment, use this step How to install ERPNext on Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 LTS

After finished, it automatically create user frappe to automated run production environment. To install development environment, follow step below : Continue reading “Install Multiple Bench ERPNext on Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 LTS”

How To Login As Root In Ubuntu

It just a simple way to login as root in Ubuntu.

  1.  Open terminal (ctrl+alt+T)
  2. On terminal, write : “su –” and then press enter key
  3.  Input your root user and then press enter key

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