Install Multiple Bench ERPNext on Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 LTS

For example we want to install 2 bench in ERPNext :

  1. Production Environment
  2. Development Environment

To install production environment, use this step How to install ERPNext on Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 LTS

After finished, it automatically create user frappe to automated run production environment. To install development environment, follow step below :

  1. Login with user frappe
  2. Create a new benchThe init command will create a bench directory with frappe framework installed. It will be setup for periodic backups and auto updates once a day.
      bench init frappe-bench-dev && cd frappe-bench-dev
  3. Add a siteFrappe apps are run by frappe sites and you will have to create at least one site. The new-site command allows you to do that.
      bench new-site
  4. Add appsThe get-app command gets remote frappe apps from a remote git repository and installs them.
      bench get-app erpnext
  5. Install appsTo install an app on your new site, use the bench install-app command.
      bench --site install-app erpnext
  6. Start benchTo start using the bench, use the bench start command
      bench start

    To login to Frappe / ERPNext, open your browser and go to [your-external-ip]:8001, probably localhost:8001

    The default username is “Administrator” and password is what you set when you created the new site.


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